Everywhere you look, there is always a new skincare collection that promotes anti aging properties being released by high end skin care brands. One bottle of these products can easily cause you to shed hundreds of thousands of bucks that you might not even have. Aside from skin care topical treatments, you also choose surgical options. It’s no surprise that any of these comes at at a hefty price tag. But on the , there are stunning ways to slow aging process and increase lifespan. Here in this article, I reveal several mysteries that will tell you how you can do this exactly. Read away!

Maintain Your Intake of Calories

There a lot of studies that show that restricting your caloric intake 20% or 30% below your body’s required caloric intake lengthens your lifespan. This is is because having a restricted calorie diet prevents you from overeating junk food. In result, this gives you a healthier body. But do keep in mind that restricting your calories does not mean you should cut down on your carbs. It is crucial that your body receives all the nutrients that it needs to grow.

Get Enough Sleep Everyday

Dark circles and eye-bags are often the reasons why you try to get enough sleep. However, it goes deeper than that. Imbalance in hormones occur when you do not get enough sleep. In turn, this oxidative stress. In line with this, your blood sugar levels become imbalanced. All in all, this stresses out your skin and causes your skin to become less youthful. This can also easily lead to fine lines and wrinkles which are all signs of aging. Aside from this, when you go to sleep, your skin takes its time to regenerate and repair itself. Without proper sleep, it cannot do this.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Skin exposure to sun is one of the main culprits of signs of aging. Your skin becomes more vulnerable to signs if aging such as wrinkles and fine lines when you are always exposes to the harmful radicals of the sun. With that being said, if you cannot prevent yourself from having to go outdoors. Always keep a sunscreen with you. Make sure it at least contains an SPF level of 30 or more, if available. Aside from this, it is also best if you keep an umbrella with you so can have a shade when you are out in the sun.

Get a Stem Cell Treatment

First, what is a stem cell? These types of cells are the ones that are not assigned to a specific function. However, as you grow, they decline in numbers. Undergoing a stem cell treatment will equip you with more stem cells since you will be injected with hundreds of one. This is good for the body because stem cell treatment supports the natural treatment of your body. Aside from treatment, it also supports the regeneration and repair of your body. In turn, this slows down the aging process of your body.

Use Natural Progesterone Cream

The element Progesterone is equipped with a lot of properties that slow down aging process. All of you already have the element of Progesterone inside your bodies. However, increasing it will further make you look youthful. The best way to apply your natural progesterone cream are in places wherein the capillaries are dense so that your cream will be absorbed easily. These are your face, neck, breast and upper chest.

hydrate with water

Drink At Least Eight Glasses of Water a Day

Lastly, always stay hydrated. Water comes with magical properties that help support your skin and help prevent your skin from aging. As an example, water helps rebuild and restore the elasticity of the skin. As you all know, the elasticity of the skin is important because without it, your skin becomes droopy. When it does, it loses its firmness and plumpness. In addition to this, water flushes out toxins from your body which helps your restore its youthfulness. Aside from this, it makes you healthier which just prolongs lifespan.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the key here is to stay healthy. Being healthy automatically prolongs lifespan. In turn, when you are healthy, your skin becomes more youthful. To stay healthy, just remember the basic needs of your body. And that is to eat healthily. Specifically, try to cut down your calories. Next, drink lots of water every day to flush toxins out of your body. Third, always get enough sleep. Preferably, get about eight hours of sleep a day. Fourth, always avoid sun exposure because they speed up the aging process of your skin. Lastly, get a stem cell treatment if time and money permits.

Dany Kayle

Dr. Dany Kayle, a highly qualified Plastic Surgeon in Dubai and a member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), is a graduate of the American University of Beirut with 15 years experience of private practice in the U.A.E. Dr. Kayle is also an active contributor to multiple publications covering different subjects in Plastic Surgery. You can connect with and read more of Dr Dany via Facebook or Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic