Advantages of Using a Sugar Body Scrub Regularly!

If you have been closely following everything that has something to do with skincare, one of the grains of wisdom you must have picked up along the way is that exfoliating is a must to regenerate skin and renew the surface layer. Regular exfoliation keeps the outer layer looking young, dewy and supple.

So too is a scrub beneficial for skin elsewhere on your body. When followed through with a deep penetrating skin product like Stemutone from Adonia Organics, consisting only of botanicals that bring countless anti-aging benefits for your skin, you just might see your best skin ever!

Love sugar another way

While an occasional sugar high may be alright, eating too much sugar can lead to several chronic, lifelong diseases. So, if you can’t help but love sweets, find another way to love sugar — by applying it on your skin!

Below are 8 benefits you can derive from using sugar as a regular, topical scrub application:

1. Sugar helps rehydrate your skin. Just like another sweet tooth favorite, honey, it is a strong humectant. As such, it helps your skin easily absorb moisture from the environment to moisturize your skin deeply and for longer periods of time.

2. The coarse feel of sugar makes it a great scrub. It’s granulated, coarse texture makes it an outstanding ingredient for exfoliating skin without unnecessarily wounding it or being too abrasive. Unlike another kitchen regular salt, it has just the right level of coarseness that will not harm your skin.

4. Sugar contains glycolic acid. Other than its texture, sugar is a great exfoliant because of its glycolic acid content. Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that is able to gently lifts the top layer of your skin, eliminates it and then forces the skin cells underneath to surface and replace the eliminated layer of dead skin.

5. Sugar can help prevent blemishes. Owing to its natural exfoliating power, sugar is a great, non-toxic way by which you can prevent blackheads, whiteheads and pimples from forming on your skin. By flushing away skin impurities, sugar helps prevent skin infections that lead to the formation of blemishes and, worse, even start an acne breakout.

sugar body scrubs

A sugar body scrub helps maintain a flawless complexion that’s evenly toned

6. Sugar improves microcirculation of nutrient-rich blood. Sugar, combined with a deep tissue massage therapy, helps enhance nutrient and oxygen circulation, ensuring that your skin and other parts of your body are able to receive the nourishment required to regenerate and repair damaged cells. By improving microcirculation, collagen production is likewise reinvigorated.

7. Sugar keeps skin soft and supple. The combination of natural exfoliants and sugar’s strong humectant properties make sugar a great way to renew and regenerate patches of rough and calloused skin, even on your heels and toes. Plus, your skin gets the simultaneous action of scrubbing, exfoliating and moisturizing all at the same time.

8. Sugar helps keep skin evenly toned. The healthy skin brought about by a regular sugar scrub is also characterized by tighter pores and a smoother skin surface. Through regular exfoliation and skin cell turnover, sugar helps you maintain a flawless complexion that’s evenly toned.

How to use sugar as a scrub

There are several ways by which you can enjoy the body scrubbing benefits of sugar. Simply combine sugar with another skin moisturizing liquid ingredient such as olive oil, virgin coconut oil, honey or any essential oil. Make sure to end up with a pasty mixture. Shower to cleanse. Pat dry your skin and then spread the paste all over your body. Massage on skin for several minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Always follow through your sugar body scrub with a moisturizer to help relieve skin from dryness and other symptoms of irritation but are also helpful in improving skin appearance and removing body stretch marks.


When you need to level up your skincare, take the time to figure out viable natural solutions which can work just as well as an OTC or, a skin procedure.

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