Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2018

sustainable fashion

2018 is truly promising to be a year of change. The blinding consumerism and exposure to more than an abundance of easily discarded material goods that seems to have held us captive for so long is finally on its way out. Green and sustainable fashion is gaining momentum at last, and its high time that we, as consumers take note and jump on this, oh, so positive bandwagon. The people have spoken, and the industry is all ears, so there is a solid ground on which to build and be part of this change. Back to basics is back to nature, so let’s see what amazing sustainable fashion trends the year has in store for us.

Putting an end to cruelty

Putting an end to cruelty

The fact that such major fashion powerhouses such as Michael Kors, Gucci as well as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger have all joined the Fur Free Alliance – committing to creating fur-free collections and turning to faux fur is a huge deal. When names as prominent and influential in the fashion industry take such a leap, it means that change is really on its way. Yes, there are still steps to be taken as many brands still stick with the real fur policy, but these actions taken by so many already are highly encouraging. So, as a consumer, you are highly advised to switch to faux as it’s not only the mark of a cruelty-free future, but when you as a consumer speak, the industry cannot remain deaf.

Stopping the waste

stopping the waste

We’re becoming increasingly aware just how much waste we generate as a species. We’re not only creating of obscene amounts of garbage, we’re also throwing away clothes that either aren’t made well enough or are overly trendy to make the cut into the next season. To combat this trend, people have been turning to secondhand and vintage stores that sell both new and used clothes of superb quality. Not only do these stores carry items of timeless quality and design, but they’re also usually one of a kind, which makes them even more appealing seeing as the new generations are all about originality and authenticity. This way, the pieces are loved and cherished for much longer, not to mention that the sheer quality allows them to stay in great condition for a longer period of time.

When you’re done with it, recycle it

Recycle it

Hats off to such brands as Patagonia and H&M who are pioneers in the recycling programs that aim to hinder waste as much as possible. These programs allow consumers to bring in goods in any condition directly to the stores after which they are recycled, and the fabrics used to produce new and conscientious garments. This type of actions has even spurred another kind of production called closed-loop production which entails using recycled materials from the get-go, and after their lifespan is over, they are recycled time and time again for as long as they can be re-utilised. This largely takes the pressure of having to resort to raw materials and exploit natural sources to the extent to which it was done in the past. Major brands, as well as small ones, are jumping on board, and it’s safe to say that things are looking up.

Go organic

choose organic fabrics

Another commendable trend is one involving organic fabrics. In the past, normal cotton goods were made with the use of pesticides that harm both the earth and the people who produce the goods, not to mention that the processing decreases the quality of garments, making them eligible do disposal much quicker. With more suitable and actually more beautiful fabrics such as organic silk from India that doesn’t even require harsh chemical, as well as other sustainable and organic fabrics, such as bamboo, cotton, and wool, the fashion landscape is definitely changing for the better.

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