It’s all happening!

Get up. Don’t dress.

Mary on phone. At doctor’s, will be a half hour late.

Will and Raelene already here. Will driving hired machine has already taken away big hill in front of our house, smoothed out earth.

Cam gets up, dresses, short pants even though cold.

Raelene comes inside.

Cups of tea.

Will takes down side fence of swimming pool. Machine going all out. Will’s a genius at it.

Raeline has an epiphany! Come and see. We could at this stage relocate our drive to go in curve instead of straight up to house. What do I think? I don’t know.

I get dressed.

Will proceeds to flatten out mound of earth on left of front garden. Lightning speed in that old machine. Gears bang when he spins it round.

Knock on door. It’s Mary who’ll be helping Cam with the accounts.

Will on machine uproots big old dead tree in swimming pool area.

I join Raelene in swimming pool area and video proceedings.

Phone rings, it’s Gregory. Gregory says “see how much a new drive will cost”.

Send video of Will in machine to Gregory.

Knock on door. It’s Jonathon the arborist guy re the big gum tree down below. Will thinks it’s dead.

Knock on door. It’s Morry the video guy.

Raelene makes tea.

Will and Raelene go off with Jonathon – can’t see them anywhere.

Morry proceeds to set up Redhead lights for video session.

Make Morry tea.

Cameron and Mary start working on accounts in study.

Jonathon the arborist leaves.

Will says Jonathon says the big tree is dead. Will contacts council to remove it.

Aaron comes. Gives me Milly’s poem. Says new drive is a waste of time and money.

Make tea.

Aaron leaves with partner Liz’s birthday present we went halves in.

Petra comes. Petra’s is Raelene’s daughter.

Make tea.

Russo, Petra’s boyfriend, comes.

Make tea.

Morry leaves.

Philip comes.

Philip makes tea.

The pharmacy lady comes, like every Wednesday, with my Webster pack.

No tea. She leaves.

Petra leaves.

Russo leaves.

Aaron leaves.

Will and Raelene leave.

Kevin Rudd comes.

Julia Gillard leaves.

Written by: Jill Kahans


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