The Art of Energy Healing

The Art of Energy Healing

Gwen Hodder


You may have asked yourself. What is Energy Healing?

Where does this healing energy come from and how does it help another person feel healthier and balanced?

I would like to explain this in simple terms coming from a practitioner’s point of view and hopefully take you on a little journey into the Infinite Spirit body.

You may know that if you take a magnified glass and place it on your hand or an object you will see it on a deeper level, but if you continue to place the object under a larger magnified glass until it is so large that all you see is pure light, because that is all there is! Pure light. That’s right, everything is pure light! So no-thing is greater or lesser than anyone or anything else, ‘we are all made up of the same stuff’ as Deepak Chopra puts it!

The moment we are conceived we start sensing what the world around us. What our mother is feeling and even what was happening in our fathers emotions as his sperm was being made and then pushed out into our mothers uterus to take the journey into the womb to grow and then enter the earth for a life journey. We pick up both positive and negative aspects of the world around us. Dr Demartini says, “the universe is forever creating and destroying”, hot and cold, night and day and so on.

We often become out of balance with who we are through circumstances bought on by ourselves and/or others and also situations out of our control. The energy in our body becomes blocked, thus we start to feel stressed or depressed or the complete opposite, high and over-excited and the body can also begin to feel pain, but also your unseen energy field becomes distorted as well.

Energy is like a battery, if a new battery is placed in a faulty appliance it won’t work, that’s what happens to our body when we have been under too much stress, either mentally or physically, the body blocks up and becomes stagnant or the positive charges are going to rapidly in the body which takes us up too high and what goes Up, must come Down.. therefore causing trauma, either to high or too low.

How can the Practitioner support change to bring you back to homeostasis (balance)?

Practitioners have their own way of using this healing art, some use symbols; others call on God, and other deities. Some practitioners just have a knowing from all their years of practise and studies that this energy is from a source that is in everything, everywhere.

I believe a practitioners purpose is to open the clients energy meridians, chakra aura so the energy will flow through the client that is perfect for the clients vibration where they are at in that time and space, then the client will feel balance enough for the body’s own rhythm to take over and become in charge so that one can begin to function in that particular vibration. Also the client maybe ready to change their vibration as the old is not working for them anymore.

The practitioner can do this by holding certain parts of the body, which releases the stagnant energy (blocks) in the client. A practitioner who is qualified in hypnotherapy can use trance to allow the client to participate in their own healing process using images, mantra’s and symbols in a guided meditation or hypnosis state to restore balance and the client is aware of their surroundings at all times. This is very powerful as the practitioner’s most important role is to support clients to become more empowered so they are in control of their path with the guidance the practitioner has to offer.

When a person is very low, they also unconsciously allow other lower vibrations (entities, unseen energies) into there body form, both auric and physical. There are practitioner’s such as traditional shaman’s that can release these entities to help a person restore balance.

Energy is also referred by the traditional Chinese healers as Chi. Ayurvedic’s as Prana, Japanese Ki and so on. This ‘Vital Force’ keeps us alive as none of our organs, muscle, tissue fibre etc could live without it flowing through us. My Chinese teacher Master Zhang Hao in Sydney said never eat into fruit or vegetables that has gone bad as it has lost its life force (vital energy) it will stagnate your own life force.

We are all here on this earth with individual special gifts to do wonderful things; it’s a matter of what vibration we are allowing ourselves to be attuned to. When we are ready we will allow gifts to come through and that can be of any age, time, place or event.

Wishing you great energy


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