The Ultimate Anti Aging Ingredient Fusing Science & Nature

New ‘miracle’ anti-aging ingredient BEAUTIFEYE™ formulated by innovative French scientists sounds too-good-to-be-true and is changing the very nature about how we view cosmetics.

“The eyes are the window of the soul”

Traditional English Proverb

  • Reduces sagging of upper eyelids
  • Smoothing of crow’s feet
  • Fades dark circles
  • Stimulates collagen production by 256%
  • Stimulates elastin production by 256%
  • Avoided capillary leakages causing reddening
  • Preserves the specific detoxification systems weakened by stress

Read on and learn how you can harness this 100% natural scientific breakthrough.

Remember the first time you looked in the mirror and started to notice your first wrinkles? For most of us, the first signs of aging appeared around our eyes, those pesky crow’s feet stamping their footprints on our faces. Like a sign of joy to those around us, accentuated and underlined every time we smile or laugh.

These are the first signs of aging and although we’d all love to age gracefully and be proud of our wrinkles, like battle scars making us look older and wiser, most of us want to try and fend off and reverse the signs of aging for as long as possible, I’m one of them. This new anti-aging ingredient will help 🙂

This isn’t simply for vanities sake—that’s the last word my friends would use to describe me, it’s because we genuinely enjoyed being young and we’re not quite ready to completely give up the party just yet and submit to our biology.

Our eyes are the most important part of communicating our feeling and emotions

Eyes Using anti aging ingredient

Research by Albert Mehrabian in 1971 came to the conclusion that body language accounts for 55% of our communication, with just 7% being the literal meaning of the words we are saying. This has been accepted and quoted many times. Of the 55%, the vast majority is our eyes, they are the windows to who we are inside.

The evidence and clinical trials prove the power of  this revolutionary anti-aging ingredient — Beautifeye™

Knowing how important targeting the area around our eyes is, has been the determining motivation why formulation chemists and biologists the world over have been working around the clock to try and help us target the first signs of aging with natural anti aging ingredients that won’t harm our skin.

In a world first, this has now been achieved with Beautifeye™ boasting the world first by targeting upper eyelid sagging effectively AND also targeting crow’s feet, dark circles, collagen production and elastin production. Too good to be true? Not this time.

This is categorically not a fad—as anti aging ingredients go we’ve heard it all from synthetic snake venom, bee something or other to slugs! All hype, all fads that won’t be here in a few years.

So what IS Beautifeye™ and what makes it different?

Beautifeye™ is the association of two plant extracts Albizia julibrissin also known as the Persian Silk Tree & Siegesbeckia Orientalis also known as Holy Herb, traditionally used for its soothing and wound healing properties.

BEAUTIFEYE ingredients

Below I’m going to show you the evidence and clinical trials that are causing all the fuss.

Upper Eyelid lifting

BEAUTIFEYE™ lifts visibly the eyelid by 20% up to 91%.

Upper eyelid lifting

Smoothing of crow’s feet

BEAUTIFEYE™ significantly fills in the wrinkles by reducing their volume and depth. The spread angle increases which confirms the visible skin smoothing effect in the crow’s feet area.

crows feet smooth

crows feet graph

Dark circles fade

BEAUTIFEYE™ significantly fades dark circles by decreasing the intensity of red and blue colours.

Darks circles fade


dark circles fade graph

Increased Collagen and Elastin production

In order to strengthen and lift the skin around the eyes, BEAUTIFEYE™ strongly stimulates the extracellular matrix synthesis.


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