A Passion Becomes A Business

Chantelle Cook has always loved being behind the camera ever since she was young, but it wasn’t until the birth of her son that she decided to turn her passion into a business. Unable to afford a photographer to capture those precious moments of her young son’s life and fearing that even more precious moments would go by unrecorded she decided to start her own photography business.

Like many people starting a business, it’s never always plain sailing, there are always many things conspiring to stop us from achieving our dream as Chantelle was about to discover. Having signed up for an Advance Diploma in Photography course conducted by one of Australia’s best freelance photographers David Pix she passed with flying colours and quickly applied for an ABN and registered As You See It Photography.

All was going well, she used her son as model to showcase her talents and importantly capture those precious moments as her son quickly grew. Then one of those hurdles was approaching and not one that Chantelle would have expected. Normally, when you start a business it’s your family that is there to support and encourage you along the way when things get tough. However, in Chantelle’s case an immediate family member transpired to make her journey more difficult than it otherwise needed to be.

Although, the issues with this family member started long before she started her business it all came to a head when copyright images were used on the internet and facebook without permission. The ongoing fighting and blame game would have been enough to drive any family apart, but for Chantelle it has brought her and her husband much closer. Her relationship has been strengthened by how much she truly loves him for standing by her side and believing in her.

Chantelle now has all the love and support she needs to take some amazing photos and make her business a success.




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