Have you Considered These Unexpected Ways to Be More Youthful?

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With the stresses and strains of everyday life, most of us are quite concerned about how these factors can increase or affect the ageing process. Of course, it’s true that looking after your health and well-being are probably the most effective ways of keeping away the wrinkles and the grey hair, but what else could we be doing to keep our youthful vitality and appearance?

A great deal of research has proved that stress can cause feelings of anxiety and even depression if not treated, but studies have also shown that stress speeds up the ageing process by shortening the length of each DNA strand, weakening the structural integrity. So, if stress plays an important role in how fast we age, what can we do to minimise it?

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Get Control of Your Life

Feeling that you are in control of your life (as much as possible) can reduce stress and anxiety. This doesn’t mean that you should be taking responsibility and micromanaging everything such as doing all the household chores or putting in an extra hour a work every day. Instead, you can delegate, share chores and increase balance in your home life and the workplace. If you’re a last-minute person, then start getting organised – make lists, plan your week ahead, make sure everything you need for the day ahead is ready the night before. Simple adjustments to your life will help you feel more in control and less stressed.

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Take Time Out

Make sure that you have some ‘me time’. Have a pampering session once a week or dedicate a 20-minute slot in the day to relax and soak in the bath. Go out with your friends for the evening; go and do some retail therapy at the shops; go for a long walk to clear you head and get some exercise. Challenge yourself to some online games like pokies where you double the excitement by winning some cash. There are websites offering various different pokies games, which you can visit now and receive a free bonus when you sign up. For some real relaxation, take up meditation, where you will learn to completely switch off from stress and worries.

Here are some more quick and easy methods to reduce stress:

  •  Drink red wine: Research has shown that a substance found in red wine helps to reduce stress and improve several health issues.
  • Consume more good fat: Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid found in certain foods and has been proved to enhance your mood and help you cope with stress
  • Dance: Get your dancing shoes on and dance to your favourite tunes – whether it’s around the living room or at a local club or bar. Dancing increases oxygen to the brain, tones your muscles and gets your circulation moving!
  • Take your dog to work: Studies have showed a decrease in blood pressure for employers who can take their dog to work and proved it helped their concentration in the office.

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The secret to staying youthful is certainly staying active, making sure you get plenty of sleep, eating healthy food and spending some ‘me time’ at least once in a while. Researchers have proved in several studies that finding something you really enjoy doing is also very beneficial because it keeps the brain active and increases serotonin levels in the body. In short, the good news is that whatever makes you feel good will keep you looking young!

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