What to buy the young hipsters in the family?

Some age groups are easier to buy gifts for than others but the age group I really struggle with are teenagers and young adults. By the time I’ve worked out what they are interested in it changes. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no point in buying them a physical gift for this age group. It’s either not expensive or trendy enough for them. So what I’ve worked out is that it’s best to give them a gift where they are in control of what they buy. Previously the only way of giving them that control is by giving cash.

This sends me back to when my wrinkly old Aunts used to put $5 into a birthday or Xmas card. I always thought this it was great, even though I secretly thought they should be giving me more. I use to save all my notes and buy exactly what I wanted…like my first tape deck or knee length white boot. But instead of $5 today’s equivalent would be $50 or $100 otherwise they think you’re cheap. But with so many nieces and nephews in this age group who can afford it!

So my suggestion is to give them Gift Cards so if you want to show the younger generation that you are hip and up to the date with all that’s new and cool in fashion and accessories, then grab a gift card from The Iconic Store. With over 500+ brands and 45000 products they are bound to find something that just right for them.

If you are up for an even bigger challenge why not pick something out and purchase it for them.

Buying online is very convenient, I just love it and Iconic is a company you can trust. If you spend more than $20 you get free shipping, guaranteed before Christmas and they have a 100 returns policy.

They will surely think you are the coolest “oldie” around!

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