Which Hairstyles Are Fashionistas All About?


Which Hairstyles Are Fashionistas All About?

With winter already on our doorstep, it’s time to show more layering skills and let our hair down – figuratively and literally. It doesn’t matter if you like to wear it in loose curls, fierce Mohawk, or in a ponytail, your hair is always one of your best assets. Anyone can tell you that a different haircut or a different hair colour can completely transform your appearance, and once you fall in love with your hairstyle, you will feel more confident and more comfortable in your own skin. Trends change every season, and to help you keep up, we’ve picked a few hairstyles fashionistas are crazy about.

Corporate style

Corporate Style


It’s not always easy creating a look that’s elegant, sophisticated and professional at the same time. For those of us who work standard business hours in an office, fashionistas have been able to pick the perfect hairstyle – sleek, high ponytails. Not only do they make you look professional, but they are also incredibly elegant and allow the skin on your neck and back to breathe so you won’t sweat as much as you would if you wore your hair down. Use two rubber bands to make the hair look like it has even more volume, and use a streak of hair to hide the rubber bands. If you’d like to add a twist to the look, you can also use satin ribbon or even a leather one and tie it around the rubber bands, and straighten your hair even more with a flat iron. Do not remember that the most important thing about sleek ponytail is the fact that your face is completely uncovered, and it must be flawless. Hide all the marks from sleepless nights using products such as Erase Tone Instant Eye Lift.

Badass ballerina

Badass Ballarina

Elegant buns will never ever go out of style! Picking your hair up in a high (or low) bun on top of your head or at the base of your neck is an easy way to free your face and neck, and look cute at the same time. Ballerinas know the trick and always keep their hair in a neat bun which allows them to move freely across the stage. Still, sleek ballerina topknots are a bit dull, so fashionistas fell in love with a variation of the hairstyle, popularly called ‘the badass ballerina’. Spice up your regular twisted topknot with a tight cornrow braid underneath it. If you want, you can make two or even three cornrows and secure them with hairspray or hair gel. Not only will this make you look edgy and fierce, but it will also keep those fine hairs at the back of your neck in check.

Carefree and playful

Carefree and Playful

Just when we think that boho vibes will go out of style, fashionistas rediscover the look once again. If you’d like to keep your hair healthy this season and avoid using blow dryers and flat irons, boho look is the one for you. Wash your hair and leave it air dry to get those soft curls, and take small streaks to make micro braids which you can tie with colourful ribbons. While your hair is still wet, you can use coloured chalk to temporarily dye it in pastel colours as well. Waterfall braids, braided crowns, fishtail and Dutch braids are all equally popular, and you can pick the style that suits you best. You can also add ombre chestnut clip-in hair extensions to make your hair seem thicker and make your braids thicker as well.

Choosing to follow trends no matter what is always dangerous, since, just because something is popular, it doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. Your hair will always draw attention, so it’s best if you pick a hairstyle that you love and that makes you feel good. If you like a certain trend, but you’re not sure how it will look on you, don’t copy it – improvise a bit and adjust it to your liking.

Claire Hastings

Claire Hastings is wanderer, designer and writer from Brisbane, Australia. She has been writing as long as she remembers, and she is an eternal fashion and beauty enthusiast. You can connect with Claire via Twitter,FaceBook

Tamika Jones - July 5, 2017

I love this! These hairstyles are gorgeous!

Susan Minich - July 5, 2017

You make me wish I didn’t cut my hair 😢 Love all of these!

    Vicki - July 5, 2017

    Good thing about hair is that it grows back!

Rohina Gandhi - July 5, 2017

It’s always about the hair!! 🙂

Anna Sherchand - July 5, 2017

Wish I had long hair! Love all the styles

    Vicki - July 6, 2017

    When you have long hair you are always wishing it was short!

Vanessa Hofmann - July 6, 2017

Love all of the above, just wish I was better at styling my hair…

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