Winter Skincare Essentials

Winter Skincare Essentials

Even though Australian winters are quite mild, the fact is that you’ll have to adjust your skincare routine and upgrade it a little bit in order to provide your skin with enough nourishment and care. If you want to learn how to get it done properly, just make sure to keep on reading, because here are four useful steps you should take in order to make that happen.

Pick skincare products that do the double duty

Skincare routine

Upgrading your skincare routine for the winter weather is extremely important, and the best way to make that happen is to pick products that do double duty. This is an essential step simply because it gives your skin everything it needs while simplifying your routine and saving you some time, without having to apply different products, rinse them off, and then repeat the same step all over again. This basically means that you should pick a facial mask that both purifies and hydrates at the same time, so that you don’t have to use a cleanser that strips your skin of its natural oils, and then apply a thick cream to replenish that moisture. Such a product will save you some money too, as you won’t have to buy a couple of different skincare products.

Don’t skip a gentle scrub at least once a week

Gentle scrub

Contrary to what people often think, exfoliation should be one of the most important steps in your skincare routine throughout the whole year, and not just during a particular season. Yes, everyone knows that it’s essential during summer, but you should also know that skipping your favourite gentle scrub during the cold winter months simply isn’t an option. First of all, this product will help you get rid of the dead skin cells that have been piling up on the surface for God knows how long, so that your skin can look rejuvenated, refreshed and healthy once again. A good scrub will successfully deal with flakiness and dullness, which will improve your circulation and help your moisturiser penetrate much deeper into your skin, providing it with enough nourishment. So, use your DIY homemade scrub at least once a week (or twice, which would be more than fine), and you’ll see a fantastic improvement in no time!

Invest in quality self-tanning products

quality self-tanning products

Everyone knows that Australians are well-known for their beautiful summers, hot weather and gorgeous, sun-kissed skin, and if you’re one of those people who love to be perfectly tanned no matter the season, we certainly understand your concerns! This is exactly why you should invest in best fake tan products which can give you everything you want – a fabulously tanned skin free of stains and streaks. These come in a wide range of different formulas – from a regular cream and lotion, to a mousse, dry body oil, and an airbrush in a can. A lot of these products are build-able, so that you can re-apply them after a particular period of time in order to achieve an even deeper and darker tan. No matter what formula you pick, just follow the instructions on the packaging and you won’t make a mistake.

A nourishing moisturiser is an absolute must

nourishing moisturiser is a must

Last but not least, a nourishing moisturiser is also an absolute must-have in your medicine cabinet, especially when it comes to switching between cold and windy weather and indoor heating. Such conditions can completely dry out your skin and make it look and feel flaky, itchy, and really uncomfortable – even painful sometimes – which is why you need to give your best to hydrate it on a daily basis. This goes for both your face and your whole body, as the skin is your largest organ that needs extra care during the cold winter months. So, all you have to do is to pick a facial moisturiser according to your skin type, and then find a hydrating body cream that will prevent your skin from drying out. Once that’s done, you won’t have to worry about anything, but enjoy the mild Australian winter at its finest!

Each of these four steps is more than essential if you want to properly update your skincare routine and adequately prepare your skin for winter, so be sure not to skip any of these winter skincare essentials this season. Just stick to our useful tips and you’ll know that you did everything you could for your skin this winter!

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