You’re Getting Old, They Said

It was one of those days!

You have those days as a blogger when you know you have to write something but you're just not “feeling It”. This is one of those days. I scroll through the list of topics I have in my ideas vault and everything just felt like it would be a chore to write and I dislike writing at the best of times.

 I should have just gone for a walk, made a cup of tea, meditated for 10 minutes, anything to clear my head and get myself into the right frame of mind for writing but instead, I went surfing.... the web, not the waves. I tell myself, it’s for inspiration but really, when you google “funny cat videos” it’s just plain old procrastination.

As the first hour passes, I’m googling all sorts of random stuff from "DIY pallets furniture" to "How to get your partner to do more housework" (BTW, if you know the answer to that one let me know). Time is ticking away and I’m no closer to getting a blog post written. Then somehow I stumble upon a site that initially I think I’m going to regret and before you say anything it wasn't a porn site. It was simply titled “You’re getting old!”.

Time to shake it off

I thought, no way! I’ve only just turned 51, that’s not old. Yes, the years do seem to be flying by, yes, I’m less patient, yes I speak my mind more and no I don’t understand half the things kids these days are saying but that doesn't mean I'm old,  or does it?

So I'm 18821 days old today but putting that into perspective it's Taylor Swift + Kate Upton = Me (Person getting old).

Taylor Swift, OK that's fine, I can shake that off but who the hell is Kate Upton! I think the millennials who created this site may have just scored their first point in making me feel old. But seriously, who is Kate Upton? Now I have to google her!​

Taylor Swift & Kelly Upton

Back to the list.  The total number of candles on all my birthday cakes so far is 1326.  Well, actually it's 1327 if you count the one time I celebrated my 49th birthday only to realise months later I was only 48. Best day ever!

The Facts & Figures

Not feeling so old just yet but then it goes on and presents things in a slightly more disturbing way.  Here's how:

My heart has beaten 1,882,247,841 times and counting. It's dawned on me that I have my car serviced more regularly than I have a check up. Note to self… must book in for a complete examination ASAP!

I’ve taken approximately 414,050,146 breaths in total. Wonder if they take into account all the times I’ve held my breath under water or trying to get rid of hiccups or when I hyperventilate whenever I see a picture of Channing Tatum without a shirt?

Channing Tatum abs

When I was born there was approximately 3.3 billion people on this little planet and now its 7.4 billion. That's a huge change in just 50 years.

My birthday is closer to the start of the First World War than today.  Now that makes me feel old.

Let’s carry on...

The stat covered how far I've travelled around the centre of the Earth as it rotates but the digits on the odometer were going so fast it was making me nauseous.

Distance you have travelled as the Earth revolves around the Sun, distance travelled as the Sun resolves.....YAWN!​ 

"With all those km’s on your body, it's not surprising you're starting to look a bit rusty" What the?  Well, that's a bit rude.

So what’s next…Ah right, all the important events in my past. This should be interesting. Here are a few choice highlights:

  • I was 29 days old when the Tom & Jerry Cartoons series makes it first broadcast on CBS. They don’t make cartoons like that anymore.
  • 8th Sept 1966 - Star Trek first aired. I'll say it loud and proud "I love Star Trek".
  • 6th April 1974 - ABBA wins the Eurovision song contest with “Waterloo”.  I was 8 years old.  Oh, the memories, wearing my favourite ABBA T-shirt, lime green pants and knee high white boots and hairbrush in hand singing along to Abba with my best friend Elizabeth.  I was always Agnetha and she was Frida.
  • 30th April 1975 - Vietnam War ends.  
  • 11th June 1982 -  E.T released. Still cry every time I watch this movie.
  • 2nd Dec 1983 - Michael Jackson Thriller Released. Best video clip EVER!
  • 16th May 1985 - Scientists announce the discovery of the hole in the Ozone. I blame the 80's and all of that big hair and hairspray.
  • 13th July 1985 -  Live Aid concert. World hunger solved…Not!
  • 9th Nov 1989 -  Berlin wall falls. I was 24 years old and I remember feeling super positive about the future with the ending of the Cold War.
Berlin Wall Falls
  • 7th Aug 1991 - The World Wide Web is announced to the public by Tim Berners-Lee. I was 25 years old., WOW, that's half my lifetime ago . Now it's full of porn, pimple poppers, selfies and cat videos.
  • 31st Dec 1999 - Remember when the world was going to end because of the Y2K bug. I was 34 years old and everyone partied like it was 1999. 
  • 31st August 1997 -  Diana, Princess of Wales dies in a car crash.
princess diana
  • 11th Sept 2001 - 9/11 terror attacks on NYC’s World Trade Centre. I remember being at work watching it on TV and the whole office being in a state of shock not being able to comprehend how anyone could possibly do such a terrible thing.
  • 4th Feb 2004 - Facebook is founded and I joined 3 years later. They seem to have missed a stat - How much time you have wasted on Facebook in your life?  Bet the number would be staggering.
  • 4th Nov 2008 -  Barack Obama is elected President. Full of hope and promise but left feeling a little underwhelmed by the end.
  • 8th Mar 2014 - Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappears.

Well that was interesting, brought back a lot of memories reading through the list.  

I'm glad to see that out of the 100,000 people born of the same day as me that approximately 91,807 are still living.  Let me know if you are one of them.

On the 30th May 2020,  I’ll be 20,000 days old. It sounds such a long way away but it's like 3 years and it will fly by.  But I think the creators are being a bit optimistic if they think I’ll be around to celebrate turning 40,000 days old on the 3rd Mar 2075. That would make me 109 years old.

I’ve reached the end of all the stats and I’m left not feeling so much as old or even worried about how much time I have left on this beautiful planet. What I have come away with, (besides a blog article yippee!) is that it’s not about the how old you are but what you have done in that time.  I think Abraham Lincoln put it more succinctly.  

In the end, it's not the years in your life that counts. It's the life in your years."  Abraham Lincoln

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I’ve been blessed to be around long enough to witness some truly wonderful events in history and others I wished never happened at all.  I’ve seen fashion styles come and go and come back round again.  I’ve met some wonderful people, some who came and went quickly but left a really big impression on me,  while others have stuck by me for 30+ years.

I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve made mistakes and I've learnt something new almost everyday.  And that's what growing old for me is about, it's the experiences I've had each day, big and small.  So people, get out there and enjoy the life you have and make every moment count.

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Glamor Hippie - March 9, 2017

Thank you for writing this post! I’m glad you had writers block and went web surfing, this post was a brilliant outcome. What a marvelous way to look at the life we live, it certainly made me feel great about my age and it left me smiling! I was born in 1980 and have the most amazing memories, I will remember your post when I get a little down about turning another year older very soon. Oh and a HUGE thanks for the Channing Tatum pic, that was icing on the cake 🙂

    Vicki - March 9, 2017

    Really glad you liked it….and the Channing Tatum pic. Took me forever to decide which one to use lol!

Julie Small - March 10, 2017

Love all those stats – and that great list of world events -not to mention the hunky guy- now I am feeling old 😊

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